A Communal Space at Pitstop

On this day last week, we had a lovely demure 21st baby celebrating her bdae at Pitstop! It was nice to have Xuezhen celebrating her bdae at Pitstop, her presence, definitely brightened up the cafe! Most importantly, because she has spent quite abit..( *grinz*...)

The bdae gal..Xuezhen

Nehz..that was meant to be a joke about her spending alot at the cafe. Pitstop Cafe just loves all of the Pitstoppers!! No preferential treatment at the cafe.

If you guys are sharp enough, you will notice a bdae cake which was snapped up very quickly. This is because, the bdae gal, was awesome and generous. She shared her bdae cake with all the Pitstoppers present that day ( not only to her friends).

This group sang bdae song spontaneously while Xuezhen gave them slices of cake simultaneously

This is what Pitstop Cafe is promoting, a communal lifestyle, where every Pitstoppers get to know one another and bond. As long as you are in the same space, don't be shy....just mingle,coz you all are Pitstoppers where there is always fun and interaction!!!


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Xuez said...

hahaha!! c'est moi! My frenz n I did have a great time at Pitstop. Will promote it to others too. BTW, I have pitstop's blogsite linked to my blog. Jia You orh!

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