Non-Stop Action @ Pitstop Cafe

It was a cosy sunday afternoon where Pitstoppers still streamed in despite the rain.. of course, what perked my day was seeing a bunch of folks who used to come to Pitstop cafe cuz other places were full...

Now, they proudly said.. 'I came today outta my own accord!'... ah ha! Folks lets all put our hands together to welcome another Pitstopper!!

Playig the game filthy rich, where the game board is also a card holder

As always, when the pace of business is not so hectic.. we do take the extra effort to sit down with pitstoppers, share with them about Pitstop Cafe, and not to mention, playing a game or two.

This time round, I introduced modern art, a bidding and auctioning of paintings game to them. We had an intense session, while for some people, they seem lost most of the time , asking every season why the paintings cost so much..

Huiyi and gang had great fun with owning billboards and buying luxuries

At the end of the game, just when I thought they were leaving..they said they dun mind staying on!

Cool..6 hrs at Pitstop cafe... truly record breaking yoh!

So we ventured into playng 'Filthy Rich'. A game with compliments from another Pitstopper, Liangcai! They had great fun posting the billboards and taxing people. It's really great to see em' enjoying a game which they tried just for the first time!!!

and oh my goodness, something shocking must have happened to make him look so petrified

In the midst of the happenings and excitement, suddenly he saw something... something shocking..

In Pitstop cafe, we try to engage you in every way possible, And look! even our salt and pepper holder has a life of its own!

The salt and pepper holder was caught in the act of doing something so vile and disgusting.

Mr Pepper seem to be striding across the table, no? its waiting for someone

Admit it, you love it. Folks like the salt and pepper holder.. I even caught some folks 'fondling' it, while most like to do many different positions with em'...

Uh.. I dunno why, but stuffs here seem to amuse people.

Really Amusing

oh gosh.. Mr Salt is here and they seem to be hugging, no? he looks kinda drunk!

So there you go, yet another addition to Pitstop cafe, the salt and pepper holder. Oh by the way, if you are free. just submit a name or two for them.Let them have a name!!!

oh gosh! he just 'merlioned', spewing his guts out on the table.. oh no.. thatis really vile..

So, going back to the lazy sunday afternoon. What have all these things have in common?

Well, I must admit that the cafe ultimately remains an inanimate object. What truly makes Pitstop cafe alive is you folks!

your laughter, your creativity, your photos, your graffitti and your pressence make Pitstop cafe a Place where non-stop action is at!

Pitstop cafe, It's alive!!!!



astroboy said...

haha funny entry. I think that day the most funny thing is huiyi while playing modern art. She look like got a lot of strategy when making her turn, and when she end her turn she always exclaim, i still dun understand how the painting pricing works....:D

ya also thanks shuping and bernard for the cool pepper and salt holders!

Anonymous said...

hey... but i didn't do too badly k. at least i had more money left than *ahem*

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