Pitstoppers Alert

I am not sure if this will work but we like to look for fellow
Pitstoppers to represent Pitstop Cafe at Singapore Board Games
Championship that will be held on the 29th of July.

This sound crazy but instead of making you pay to take part in the
competition, we pay for you instead! Of course have to depend on
available budget lar.

Why are we doing this? At Pitstop Cafe we have regular gamers that
play some of the games numerous of times and are really good in them.
Hence if they are keen to take part in completing in those games, we
would like to give them our support.

So this is what we are planning to do. For those who are keen to
represent Pitstop Cafe, we will pay for the registration fee. If you
do win, all prizes are for you to keep. Of course we would appreciate
if you throw a nice celebration at Pitstop Cafe.

The only condition is that you will need to share your victory with
Pitstop cafe and its Pitstoppers. It could be a speech, a picture or
anything creative that we can share on the blog with the Pitstop
community. Sweet and simple right!

The games that will be played in the competition are Blokus,
Cartegana, For Sale, Giza, Loco!, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to
. Currently we are searching for the following personnels. These
folks have come by regulary and been playing some of the games that
will be played in the competition. If you saw this entry, drop us an
email if you folks are keen ok!

One of them supposely have not lost in the game of Ticket to Ride so far

Settlers of Catan is their forte

One of these folks play board games long ago since she was in Korea!

and of course our self proclaim blokus queen Eve will try to take a
shot at blokus

Of course it is not possible for us to cover all the Pitstoppers
groups so if any of you Pitstoppers are keen on this idea, just drop
us an email. We aren't exactly sure how this will work out but write
to us and we see how things go from there...

Pitstop Cafe, we support our Pitstoppers



A. F. L. said...

Nice concept...If you want to promote your blog on my site be my guest!!! Drop me a comment

Anonymous said...

can i hav digital copies of our photos???



astroboy said...

sure drop us an email ok so i know where to send to. will u be been to take part in the competition?

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