Chocolate Cookies

We are always thanking our Pitstoppers. While we like to surprise them with new stuff in the cafe, like lucky dips, new games, etc, every now and then we have Pitstoppers that surprised us too!

They drop by Pitstop Cafe to celebrate a birthday...

and they bought the Pitstop Crew 2 nice big famous amos chocolate cookies!

I think the chocolate cookies must be yummy because before the end of the day, Eve and Mumu have finish up the 2 big cookies!

There was this other group that actually like us to take a photo together with them. For once, the Pitstop crew seem to become some sort of celebrities... guess they like us enough to want us in their pic!

It turn out really nice!

Pitstoppers, you guys make Pitstop Cafe such a fun place to be in!

Pitstop Cafe, we like surprises...


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