The Things that They Say

It is interesting that there are quite abit of folks that actually blog about their experience at Pitstop Cafe. Of course we like to hear all the nice stuff, it is good encouragement for the Pitstop Crew. Hearing some of the bad stuff ain't too bad too as it let us know our flaw as we continue to seek to improve ourselves. Nevertheless we like to thank all you folks simply for the fact that you guys blog and talk about us. Cool! Ok below are a collection of some of the blogs that did an entry on us...

Cowboy Caleb
"The coffee was good. Mine came with one of those foamy patterns that take time and effort to create, so I knew substantial care had been invested into brewing my drugs. Thumbs up."

"Overall, I don't give really a thumbs up to the food (haha, maybe because I chose the oh-not-so-good cattle cut), it's the boardgames and fun that makes up for that I guess. Still, I think the place is quite cool and nice..."

Sunshine Island
"this is the dory fish & chips, this is half the actual size, the dory is HUGE (i finished last)this is yummy.. look at it! not too dry, soft & moist!"

Warped tendencies
"It's located at 14B Circular Road, if any of you are interested in checking them out, and I dare to say that their food and service beats most other cafes (boardgame or otherwise) hands down."

Mr Smith
"as usual they made us feel at home.. celebrated my bday , sang song.. took pic for us and gave me one on the hse!!!

she bakes and she cooks
"We all had great great fun. Thanks Pitstop Cafe for making JF's birthday a happening one! Now I know why everyone keeps raving about the place."

"we then played a game of blokus with astroboy. he’s super competitive! lol. needless to say, he won. bah. bully us noobs! u wait!"

"There's also the Fried Dory Fish & Chips & some other main course that tasted very nice, as well as Mom's special, which varies usually since 'Mom' only come on Fri & weekends."

"the food's great there.. collection of games r quite comprehensive too.. but end up we onli played 2 long games.. ticket to ride and shadows of camelot..."

Pajama Market Small Business Blog of the Day
"I wish I were as hip as these four nuts! Their posts crack me up and have made the Pitstop Cafe a "must visit" on my next trip to Singapore to become a Pitstopper."

Deep Beneath Her Smile
"PitStop Cafe gets the thumbs up for it's employee (who's also the owner) for their knowledge on most games."

"The service was very good, but we didn't quite like the games (intellectual type) that were introduced to us though"

Tempest Blue
"Lots of fun and laughter and I really enjoyed myself."

Love and Be Silent
"We went to pitstop cafe. I asked Yik to choose a place and she suggested that. Nice place! This is my drink - Ribena. I feel like a kid again."

"Went to Pitstop Cafe with the rest of my Mindef friends and had a madcap 4 hours laughing our heads off."

Teh Tarik Satu
"Service was a tad slow as they were a little shot-handed, but at least the owners were friendly and accommodating throughout. My Lasagna did not taste too bad either."

Stupid Genius
"The people there are quite friendly. They recommend us games which are quite fun. They even teach us the games."

Phew thats quite abit of entry. The Pitstop Crew really enjoy reading all this entries. So next time you had an experience at Pitstop Cafe, blog about it too ok!

Pitstop Cafe, we have a blog


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