Reflections of a Coffee feature..

It's really heartwarming to see Pitstop Cafe increasingly gaining interest with the media..

From personal blogs to magazines then to the papers, sometimes I really wonder how a 'no name, nobody cafe' can slowly sink into people's mind and even inspire people to write good reviews about us.

Of course, with the fair share of good reviews, I must admit that there are certain not so good ones about us as well. That reminds me of those times when we were accused of being bitter, jealous, narrow minded and what have you... well, as I always say one must have the confidence to accept praise as well as the balls to accept criticisms.

Nevertheless, we were very fortunate to be picked by the Chinese News Paper Lian He Zao Bao and the Pitstop crews were embarrased by the excellently wriiten review about our place as well as our coffee. This, in the words of Astromum, ' head not so big, wear until such a big hat'.

this is the number of 'hats' we wore for the day

Now, that's the thing about appearing as editorial reviews and not as advertisements. There is certain credibility especially if the source comes from a highly reputable press. And no doubts, Pitstop Cafe was swarmed by coffee geeks who were anticipating to try our coffee.

Being the only one who was the most free to practice on the coffee machine everyday, the task of maintaining the reputation of our coffee was thrown squarely on my shoulders... eh..i think hands lah..not shoulders..

I was so stress, especially when some folks try to peer over the counter and see what I was doing to their coffee. Some even freaked me out as they looked like true coffee connosears...aiyah..dunno how to spell connoisseur lah...

I must admit that we are really not experts in coffee, ain't know much about theories or coffee roasting. But truth is, we do take special effort (also special courses) to make that cup of coffee of yours truly distinctive. The method of frothing milk, the technique of doing latte art, the details paid to doing those mocha art in your cappuccinno are definately stuffs I must admit that are definately better that those mass consumed and commercialised coffee..

Astroboy obviously happy with his latte art called 'Astrology'

So having said all that, I must really extend our great appreciation to all the fellow bloggers and other media folks who dare to put those caps and hats onto us (regardless the size). This has been our constant motivation, and we ensure that with praise comes profit.. oops, I mean imProvements.. yes, improvements to live up to your expectations,

improvements to make Pitstoppers Proud to be Pitstoppers.

Pitstop cafe, check out Monday Straits Times Home Section



Helge Årsvoll said...

Good luck with everything, and nice pictures! Have you seen a picture of a woman who has been working on a coffee-plantation? Well, my sister married her man some weeks ago. I met her mother in law, and she... read more in my blog!

yvonne said...

i happened to chance by your blog through Chubby Hubby's just last week, and saw your article in the papers! am so proud of ya folks :) having been a fan of settlers' cafe, i hope to pop by pitstop's one day. especially when it's really near my workplace :)

keep the good work up!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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