No Wifi

customer: Harlo, like to check if you guys have Wifi?

kimoki: Nope, we don't have Wifi at the moment

customer: Ok thanks, see you guys later

mumu: Eh what is Wifi? Sound very familiar, hmmm....

astroboy: Maybe we should do Wifi, nice leh!

kimoki: Wifi very expensive leh!

mumu: Eh what is Wifi, tell me, tell me. mumu wants to know!

kimoki: na na na we will not tell you...

mumu stand there, think, think and think, using up all her mushroom juices...

mumu: haha i know already! Wifi stands for Wine & Fine dining right!

astroboy and kimoki, totally amazed...

Pitstop Cafe, we don't do wine & fine dinning



DK said...

Hope that you guys will have WIFI soon. :D

Donnie said...

haha yeap oh and it's dining not dinning hahaha

linette said...

hey xingzhi, check out this company, imax (oneglobe intl). they are wifi svc providers.

Anonymous said...

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