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For all of you who might be unaware, Youth.sg is having a blogging festival. All you need to do is write an entry about yourself and your interests as a youth. The best entries will be featured on Youth.SG and bloggers stand to win attractive prizes!

I think the prize damm good leh. Got Apple Macbook, Sony PSP, handphone, etc. Good stuff! Maybe i should just submit all the entries on the Pitstop Crew, maybe heng heng can win some prizes!

For the rest what are you waiting for? Submit an entry and perhaps you will be the next winner. If you don't like the prizes also can take part. If you win i will settle the prize for you so no worries.

For more details check out the link below


Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Sweet memories

Every now and then i like to flip through the black book by the toilet. Some of you might have seen it before too. It is actually a photo album showing some of the picture that we took on a trip to Thailand prior the setup of the cafe.

Looking at the pictures always bring back fond memories of the fun that we had!

Relaxing at the beaches of Koh Samui

The setting up of the cafe has been an interesting and memoriable experience for us. I think time spend with good friends are always memorable. This is why we take photos of everyone who come to the cafe. Hopefully when you come again next time, it too will bring back memories of all the fun time you guys had together!

Now you see it...

It is always fun to see folks comparing themselves with their previous photos. Some change their hairstyle, some become sexier, some put on weight, and some simply loss some hair...

Now you don't!

Of course if you like to keep these memories, you could just grab a copy of the photo for just $1! Believe me when you take out the photo and see it again next time, it definitely bring a smile to your face!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!


Sorry that we are not able to send you soft copy of the photos for those who requested it. It is just too much work involved and it is not possible for us to manage and handle all the requests. Thanks for the understanding!


Food Hunt 2007

On Saturday Pitstop cafe was filled with the joys, laughter and excitement of the NUS Food hunt. Basically, it was an event where participants rush from places to places in Singapore in search of good food.

chilling out before going out for their challenge

Not only did exciting prizes awaited them, they also get to savour the delicious food from these check points. Places include harbour front ba chor mee,botak jones fish and chips, miss clarity cafe and more..

oh yea, i finally saw that pretty girl that was at the bike quest!

Of course Pitstop cafe, being a very aptly named cafe is the Pitstop of many other similar races. And the participants had to find the secretive location as well as rush up our famous flight of stairs to clear an obstacle.

exciting, thrilling and brain straining

What more suitable, then to come to Pitstop cafe where there are huge variety of games for these folks to pit their wits against?

The participants had to overcome the 'brainstrain challenge', whereby a word not known to you is written and placed on your head. And subsequently, by asking 'yes' and 'no' questions, the participants are suppose to guess the word that was pasted on their head.

brainstrain never fail to entertain folks

sure there was tons of exciting screams, cheer and loud 'yes' and 'no' from the totally psyched up participants.

while some were distracted and too enthusiastic in leaving their mark on the wall...

The hunt lasted for a good long 8 hours and as dusk approaches, I can see the participants getting more and more well fed... hmm...wonder if the girls will shriek when they stand on the weighing scale at the end of the day..bahahaha!

Well anyway kudos to all of these energetic participants, your spontaneity impresses me! Man, just by walking up from one end to the other end of the cafe made me pant already... I am impressed..clap clap clap.

some participants were focused and cracking their brain to solve the code

Not forgetting the dedicated FASS club which organized this extremely successful event. I was impressed when they had to follow the participants all round the island and especially up that flight of stairs. I was impressed too with their energy to carry cartons and cartons of water up that flight of stairs and yes, I was impressed with the number of pretty girls that ran up that flight of stairs!

Boy, was I a happy man that day!

Oh, and not forgetting our usual tradition:

a cute, sweet, little folk was selected to be featured..here you go....

man, I forgot her name again

So kudos to all who made that event a successful one, cheers to Food hunt 2008!

Pitstop cafe, the flight of stairs is worth the climb



Exchange rate

If you have a hundred bucks in your wallet, how would you like it to be split? All in 2s, 10s, 50s or perhaps in different combination? I wonder if a person preference on this says anything about his character. For me, i don't care as long as there are tons of it.

Anyway i digress. The thing is that i realise alot of folks at the cafe do not fancy the 50s and always request to change, which i am really happy to do it till...

A common conversation

Customer: eh can you help me change my 50 dollar note?

astroboy: sure, no problem. What you want to change to?

Customer: i like to change to 10 dollar note.

astroboy: no problem!

take the 50 dollar note from the customer and pass him a 10 dollar note...

Customer: hahaa very funny...eh i mean split into 10..eh just give me five 10 dollar notes lar...


chey, i thought can get a good deal. ya i know i am innocent and navie. i just get a cheap thrill by harbouring such thoughts. Imagine really got someone who will give you $50 in exchange for $10!

damm forget it, i think the thought of seeing a gal in wet tees is more likely to materialise instead!

Why? because it has been raining heavily the last few day lar.shudder at the coldness...

hmmm anyway the next time if such opportunity happen again I will change and just say that is the cafe exchange rate....:P

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun




As some of you might notice, we have added twitter to our blog site. This means that we will be able to share with you folks on the happenings at the cafe in a more "live" mode! So follow us on twitter and keep in touch with us.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Shall We Dance?

There is this particular group of girls. They just come by for their meals. I really enjoy their visit to the cafe every now and then...ya they are really sweet and cute gals, but that's another story...

The nice thing about them is that everytime i see them, they are always smiling, cheerful and full of energy. When i see them, they are either grabbing a meal before their dance practice or enjoying a nice dessert after the end of their dance lessons. By the way, these girls are really siao on passionate about their dancing. They seem to be dancing everyday and you can really sense their love for the art.

I always admire folks who can dance because i always find coordinating your hand, leg plus whichever body part a damm tough and difficult job. I used to think i am dancing by just shaking my body, till someone out of concern asked if i ganna possesed, but hey what about those that do those sign language performance on wednesday...

anyway who are these girls?

I never know they have such a big family! Guys and gals all so cutteee!

They are the girls from L.A Dance Connection!

So get your adrenaline pumping and body grooving at L.A. Dance Connection. Their dynamic dance studio offers a wide variety of courses with awesome routines! They have cool hip-hop, sizzling salsa, energetic jazz, and many other courses!

Cool right?! and you know what? they are going to give all you Pitstoppers a whopping 20% discount on any dance course. But wait there's more! The membership fees will be waived too!

If any of you have been thinking of taking that salsa dance course for a very long time, wait no longer. Present your Pitstop Mini at L.A Dance Connection and start dancing away!

More details:
33A New Bridge Road, Level 2
Tel: 6535-3575
E-mail: info@ladanceconnection.com

Oh ya, they say no dancing background required and all ages also no problem....hmmm maybe its time for me to give those mechanical butts a good workout!

Pitstop Cafe, always doing more for Pitstoppers!


if you have any nice lobangs to share with our Pitstoppers, drop us an email ok!


Trivial Detour of the Day

Recently i made a small subtle change to the blog site. Wonder if anyone notice it?


I am not in the layout but i can be seen if you look hard enough. Add me and i reveal myself. What am i?

If anyone notice it, definitely must be a nerd...
Leave your guess in the comments.

Interesting Facts

Yup some of you have noticed the scabble tile "P" that appears on the address bar or when you add the blog to your favourite. This is why it is commonly known as favicon. Of course now because its more common, it is also known as page icon or url icon.

Most folks would not think much about this but "nerds" are likely to notice it because they know that you need some trick to do it. Of course, this is easy to do nowsadays compared to last time whereby you need to have direct access to webserver to achieve this simple icon effect...

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun


Something about the ceiling

I am not sure why, but when folks at Pitstop Cafe need to find a place to stick their photos, they want to paste it on our ceiling. The more regular folks will know that the ceiling area is out of bound for photos or drawing.

In fact i get very sensitive when group of folks start to whisper among themselves while looking for a spot for their photo. Warning alarms sounded, they must be aiming for the ceiling. Been the meanie, before they can translate their thoughts to action, i will tell them "NO CEILING!" coupled with a menacing look.

Some wonder if i know the ancient skill of mind reading. In fact i got so good at guessing their intention that if i have the same skill in toto, i could be the winner of that 5 million bucks!

So what's the fuss? Why the walls are ok but not the ceiling? In fact a long time ago the ceiling are accessible to all those who want to draw and paste their photo on it.

Look at the ceiling., never bluff you hor...

Everything was happy till one night an incident happen that traumatize me forever...

There was this night, a group came. One of the guys say he wanted to draw on the ceiling. Go ahead we said and we even pass him a nice set of markers.

Now this guy ain't exactly tall, which means he is short lar. So what he did was holding one marker in his hand, he jumped up and just swipe the marker across the ceiling. He continue jumping and making a swipe at the ceiling till he finish a very big ugly set of words, "XXXX was here!" that span across a big part of the ceiling.

I was really shocked! I not sure if anyone could understand it, but i find his actions really insulting to us and to the cafe...not sure if you folks can relate to what i am saying.

Anyway his actions bother me so much that i could not sleep that night. The next morning i got my brother to whitewash away the words. That was the only time we ever paint over someone drawing. If some of you take a closer look at the ceiling next time, you might still be able to make out the faint markings...

From then on we decided no more ceilings. Other out-of-bound areas include the counter area because it is dangerous. Imagine a crew serving out hot soup trip over you and pour the hot soup on you? You will indeed be in hot soup (pardon the pun).

Now you know. So next time if i tell you no ceiling, please don't take offence ok! It just that once bitten twice shy...

Pitstop Cafe, don't aim the ceiling hor!



New Games Update

This month we added more new games to our growing library of board games.

Family Business
Funny Friends (in process)
Jurassic Jumble (in process)

Some games are avaible for play now while others are going through the Pitstop Process

Check out our gamelist for more games that are available at Pitstop Cafe.

We will be doing something special soon so do remember to check out our blogsite regularly for more updates!

Pitstop Cafe, more fun time ahead!


Trivial Detour of the Day

To solve this puzzle, you must know what and whose is this.


It is a mouth




Find out more about the mouth!

Pitstop cafe, everyone is talking about it



Trivial Detour of the Day

To solve this puzzle, you must find the words base on the given hint!


applied mind game

_ E _ E _ _ E
_ _ Y _ _ O _ O _ Y

See who is the first one to get it right! Will it be tabooking again?

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun



Trivial Detour of the Day

To solve this puzzle, you must rearrange all the letters in the words below and come out with the answer!


like a son

worthless medicine

So basically you have to take the letters shown in the puzzle and rearrange it to form a word. The hint to the word is shown below the hint.

See who is the first one to get it right!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun


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