Food Hunt 2007

On Saturday Pitstop cafe was filled with the joys, laughter and excitement of the NUS Food hunt. Basically, it was an event where participants rush from places to places in Singapore in search of good food.

chilling out before going out for their challenge

Not only did exciting prizes awaited them, they also get to savour the delicious food from these check points. Places include harbour front ba chor mee,botak jones fish and chips, miss clarity cafe and more..

oh yea, i finally saw that pretty girl that was at the bike quest!

Of course Pitstop cafe, being a very aptly named cafe is the Pitstop of many other similar races. And the participants had to find the secretive location as well as rush up our famous flight of stairs to clear an obstacle.

exciting, thrilling and brain straining

What more suitable, then to come to Pitstop cafe where there are huge variety of games for these folks to pit their wits against?

The participants had to overcome the 'brainstrain challenge', whereby a word not known to you is written and placed on your head. And subsequently, by asking 'yes' and 'no' questions, the participants are suppose to guess the word that was pasted on their head.

brainstrain never fail to entertain folks

sure there was tons of exciting screams, cheer and loud 'yes' and 'no' from the totally psyched up participants.

while some were distracted and too enthusiastic in leaving their mark on the wall...

The hunt lasted for a good long 8 hours and as dusk approaches, I can see the participants getting more and more well fed... hmm...wonder if the girls will shriek when they stand on the weighing scale at the end of the day..bahahaha!

Well anyway kudos to all of these energetic participants, your spontaneity impresses me! Man, just by walking up from one end to the other end of the cafe made me pant already... I am impressed..clap clap clap.

some participants were focused and cracking their brain to solve the code

Not forgetting the dedicated FASS club which organized this extremely successful event. I was impressed when they had to follow the participants all round the island and especially up that flight of stairs. I was impressed too with their energy to carry cartons and cartons of water up that flight of stairs and yes, I was impressed with the number of pretty girls that ran up that flight of stairs!

Boy, was I a happy man that day!

Oh, and not forgetting our usual tradition:

a cute, sweet, little folk was selected to be featured..here you go....

man, I forgot her name again

So kudos to all who made that event a successful one, cheers to Food hunt 2008!

Pitstop cafe, the flight of stairs is worth the climb


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