Shall We Dance?

There is this particular group of girls. They just come by for their meals. I really enjoy their visit to the cafe every now and then...ya they are really sweet and cute gals, but that's another story...

The nice thing about them is that everytime i see them, they are always smiling, cheerful and full of energy. When i see them, they are either grabbing a meal before their dance practice or enjoying a nice dessert after the end of their dance lessons. By the way, these girls are really siao on passionate about their dancing. They seem to be dancing everyday and you can really sense their love for the art.

I always admire folks who can dance because i always find coordinating your hand, leg plus whichever body part a damm tough and difficult job. I used to think i am dancing by just shaking my body, till someone out of concern asked if i ganna possesed, but hey what about those that do those sign language performance on wednesday...

anyway who are these girls?

I never know they have such a big family! Guys and gals all so cutteee!

They are the girls from L.A Dance Connection!

So get your adrenaline pumping and body grooving at L.A. Dance Connection. Their dynamic dance studio offers a wide variety of courses with awesome routines! They have cool hip-hop, sizzling salsa, energetic jazz, and many other courses!

Cool right?! and you know what? they are going to give all you Pitstoppers a whopping 20% discount on any dance course. But wait there's more! The membership fees will be waived too!

If any of you have been thinking of taking that salsa dance course for a very long time, wait no longer. Present your Pitstop Mini at L.A Dance Connection and start dancing away!

More details:
33A New Bridge Road, Level 2
Tel: 6535-3575
E-mail: info@ladanceconnection.com

Oh ya, they say no dancing background required and all ages also no problem....hmmm maybe its time for me to give those mechanical butts a good workout!

Pitstop Cafe, always doing more for Pitstoppers!


if you have any nice lobangs to share with our Pitstoppers, drop us an email ok!


Bitchy Witchy said...

Thanks for plugging for us guys! We love you too :o)

cityhermit said...

hmmm no background is ok, no age limit also, but ermmm...any body shape restrictions? can a 95 kg pear be tought to dance? 8p

astroboy said...

i think no problem. they can handle a 95 kg pear but the problem is that this pear needs get back to Singapore :P

Anonymous said...

im surprised that you do know about sign language performances on wed.

are you from sadeaf?


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