Trivial Detour of the Day

Recently i made a small subtle change to the blog site. Wonder if anyone notice it?


I am not in the layout but i can be seen if you look hard enough. Add me and i reveal myself. What am i?

If anyone notice it, definitely must be a nerd...
Leave your guess in the comments.

Interesting Facts

Yup some of you have noticed the scabble tile "P" that appears on the address bar or when you add the blog to your favourite. This is why it is commonly known as favicon. Of course now because its more common, it is also known as page icon or url icon.

Most folks would not think much about this but "nerds" are likely to notice it because they know that you need some trick to do it. Of course, this is easy to do nowsadays compared to last time whereby you need to have direct access to webserver to achieve this simple icon effect...

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun



Anonymous said...

hmmz, isit sth to do with the blog title? any hints?

haha said...

is it the logo beside your website? there's a scrabble character, P. haha.

Christine said...

not too sure if this is the new addition...do u mean the menu bar with the options "Pitstop Cafe, For Pitstoppers, Menu, Board Games & Contact Us"?

mf said...

hehe the pic "P" beside your URL. appears when we add this site into our bookmark list...kekeke

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