Sweet memories

Every now and then i like to flip through the black book by the toilet. Some of you might have seen it before too. It is actually a photo album showing some of the picture that we took on a trip to Thailand prior the setup of the cafe.

Looking at the pictures always bring back fond memories of the fun that we had!

Relaxing at the beaches of Koh Samui

The setting up of the cafe has been an interesting and memoriable experience for us. I think time spend with good friends are always memorable. This is why we take photos of everyone who come to the cafe. Hopefully when you come again next time, it too will bring back memories of all the fun time you guys had together!

Now you see it...

It is always fun to see folks comparing themselves with their previous photos. Some change their hairstyle, some become sexier, some put on weight, and some simply loss some hair...

Now you don't!

Of course if you like to keep these memories, you could just grab a copy of the photo for just $1! Believe me when you take out the photo and see it again next time, it definitely bring a smile to your face!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!


Sorry that we are not able to send you soft copy of the photos for those who requested it. It is just too much work involved and it is not possible for us to manage and handle all the requests. Thanks for the understanding!

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