Something about the ceiling

I am not sure why, but when folks at Pitstop Cafe need to find a place to stick their photos, they want to paste it on our ceiling. The more regular folks will know that the ceiling area is out of bound for photos or drawing.

In fact i get very sensitive when group of folks start to whisper among themselves while looking for a spot for their photo. Warning alarms sounded, they must be aiming for the ceiling. Been the meanie, before they can translate their thoughts to action, i will tell them "NO CEILING!" coupled with a menacing look.

Some wonder if i know the ancient skill of mind reading. In fact i got so good at guessing their intention that if i have the same skill in toto, i could be the winner of that 5 million bucks!

So what's the fuss? Why the walls are ok but not the ceiling? In fact a long time ago the ceiling are accessible to all those who want to draw and paste their photo on it.

Look at the ceiling., never bluff you hor...

Everything was happy till one night an incident happen that traumatize me forever...

There was this night, a group came. One of the guys say he wanted to draw on the ceiling. Go ahead we said and we even pass him a nice set of markers.

Now this guy ain't exactly tall, which means he is short lar. So what he did was holding one marker in his hand, he jumped up and just swipe the marker across the ceiling. He continue jumping and making a swipe at the ceiling till he finish a very big ugly set of words, "XXXX was here!" that span across a big part of the ceiling.

I was really shocked! I not sure if anyone could understand it, but i find his actions really insulting to us and to the cafe...not sure if you folks can relate to what i am saying.

Anyway his actions bother me so much that i could not sleep that night. The next morning i got my brother to whitewash away the words. That was the only time we ever paint over someone drawing. If some of you take a closer look at the ceiling next time, you might still be able to make out the faint markings...

From then on we decided no more ceilings. Other out-of-bound areas include the counter area because it is dangerous. Imagine a crew serving out hot soup trip over you and pour the hot soup on you? You will indeed be in hot soup (pardon the pun).

Now you know. So next time if i tell you no ceiling, please don't take offence ok! It just that once bitten twice shy...

Pitstop Cafe, don't aim the ceiling hor!


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DK said...

All it takes is 1 spoiler to ruin the fun for everyone.

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