Exchange rate

If you have a hundred bucks in your wallet, how would you like it to be split? All in 2s, 10s, 50s or perhaps in different combination? I wonder if a person preference on this says anything about his character. For me, i don't care as long as there are tons of it.

Anyway i digress. The thing is that i realise alot of folks at the cafe do not fancy the 50s and always request to change, which i am really happy to do it till...

A common conversation

Customer: eh can you help me change my 50 dollar note?

astroboy: sure, no problem. What you want to change to?

Customer: i like to change to 10 dollar note.

astroboy: no problem!

take the 50 dollar note from the customer and pass him a 10 dollar note...

Customer: hahaa very funny...eh i mean split into 10..eh just give me five 10 dollar notes lar...


chey, i thought can get a good deal. ya i know i am innocent and navie. i just get a cheap thrill by harbouring such thoughts. Imagine really got someone who will give you $50 in exchange for $10!

damm forget it, i think the thought of seeing a gal in wet tees is more likely to materialise instead!

Why? because it has been raining heavily the last few day lar.shudder at the coldness...

hmmm anyway the next time if such opportunity happen again I will change and just say that is the cafe exchange rate....:P

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun



DK said...

How about using $10 to exchange a $50 with you? :p

astroboy said...

hahaha currently this is not the exchange rate. you can change $50 to $10 with me first. i will keep you updated when i change the exchange rate next time :P

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