How Water Penguin Works

Folks that come to Pitstop Cafe always seem to be amaze by the water penguin. How did the tub of water get to the top of the penguin head without spilling the water? That seems like a burining question for some Pitstoppers...

Every now and then, sure got some folks who like to plug out the tub of water from the penguin head to figure out how it work. There are some who feel that Mr Penguin is not serving out the water fast enough and hence decide to lift up the tub to see if it working....

So what happen when you lift up the tub??? Water spill out lar!

One of those curious folks, already warn him that the water will spill out...

Will spill out meh? I lift abit, never leh...

See water spill out liao lar...

So please trust me on this.When water spill out, there are only 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1: You wet our board games and that is a bad bad idea. Our board games prefer to be dry. We try to keep our board games well maintain. When you play board games, you want it to look new, nice and clean right? So does the rest of our Pitstoppers. Please help us with this ok!

Scenario 2: You wet yourself. I remember seeing someone wearing a tee that says "This tshirt looks good when wet". Looking at the sex ratio of our Pitstoppers, I think i can live with this scenario.

Anyway the best is none of the above scenarios. The water is meant to stay in the tub, on the penguin head. So to prevent further spills, let me help by answer this burning question of how the water penguins work.

First you fill up the tub with water or whatever juice you like. Water is good as it keeps the tub clean.

Dun see it small, can hold quite abit of water

The tub can hold sufficient water for a group of 6 and we think it is a great idea so that you always have water when you want it instead of waiting for the staffs to get it for you.

Then screw it tight with the cap and the rubber covering in place

A mighty little prick

See that short little prick? That is the most important part of the head. When you invert the tub and push it in, the prick will penetrate the hole and water will flow into the penguin's body. So just give a gentle squeeze on the tap and the water will flow into your glass. That part is sensitive, try not to squeeze too hard. Otherwise it will result in a leaking penguin and we have to call in the vet.

This is how it looks like when the prick penetrate the hole

The water penguin, ready to serve you guys

So as you can imagine, lifting the tub will cause the water in the tub to flow out continuously from the hole resulting in heavy flow...

So remember don't lift up the tub, always hold it with one hand at the body another hand on the top . If you really have to lift it up to experience how cool our water penguins are, please put it on your lap and hold it close to your heart...

Pitstop Cafe, don't lift the water tub


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