Its a Small Small World

At Pitstop Cafe, you never know who you meet and who you get to know. It seems like once upon a time, one of crew Smith actually know one of our regular Pitstopper, Nadia. In fact he even has a classic photo shoot of our lovely Nadia, where go so coincident one? Better than friendster leh...

From Smith's blog:

"Since the day i start visiting pitstop till the day i start to work at pitstop n till now i cant help to but notice that there is this disturbing shrine of photos near the entrance.. and for those who visit pitstop and start to look around while waiting to be seated or waiting for bills shld have notice it as well.. there is this tiny cutie lady who looks like 15+ yrs old and nag like a 51 yrs old.. yes.. she is none other den our pitstop "lao jiao" and famous nadnut.."

Pitstop Cafe, where everyone is connected...


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