Trivial Detour of the Day

We are trying to post some trivial questions every now and then for all you Pitstoppers to take part and have some fun. Here it goes...

Have you come across news reporting on TV on a court case? They always have a color graphical representation of the court scene illustrate by some artist.

Why don't they use a digital camera and take the picture? How come at this age, they still need someone to illustrate the court scene?

Anyone has the answer to this trivial question? Just leave your comments here.

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cityhermit said...

So that they can hire NAFA students on attachment and give them something to do?

Anonymous said...

I think camaras are not allowed in court to protect the idendity of the witnesses.

Phoeniix said...

No pictures maybe taken of those who are formally charged but yet to be convicted. This is to, technically, protect the identity of the suspect and prevent them from being convicted in the eyes of the public should they be acquited.

The only form of graphical display is through illustrations. can't remember why they allow it though ...

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