Bike Quest 2007

Time flies, a year has past since the last bike quest and this year we are happy to be part of NUS annual bike quest again!

Perhaps its Pitstop Cafe "secretive location" and its long flight of stairs that makes it an interesting checkpoint for the bike quest which involves teams visiting different locations throughout the island of Singapore.

lots of bikes, seem like it is not too hard to find

and helmets too

seem like an International event!

Of course it is not simply locating Pitstop Cafe, they got to get pass some challenges in the balcony before they are able to proceed to the next checkpoint.


A game of Taboo...

and its time to plan for the next checkpoint

Like the previous bike quest, there always seem to have a snapshot of someone cute around...

one of the committee member

Of course I was excited as well as i was told by Tim that there will be redbull girls. The images of girls at car shows come to my mind...high heel boots, short skirts and tight tops...

The red bull girls and Eve, Pitstop chiobull

Not exactly what i expected but nevertheless these 2 gorgeous red bull girls brought smiles and energy to the cafe with their bagload of red bull drinks!

All in all, it was fun to be part of the bike quest event afterall it isn't everyday you have loads of folks running up and down the long flight of staircase. So if you guys are organising any interesting events and would like our involvement, drop us an email!

Pitstop Cafe be part of the fun.


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Anonymous said...

can post more pics of the event? i wonder if got my pics :P

post bigger size lehz...

post more of tat committe member cute girl pic! :p

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