Bike Quest 2006

Clap Clap Clap!!! It was a wonderful night! Pitstop Cafe is proud to be part of the sponsors for the NUS Bike Hunt 2006.


Pitstop cafe became a 'Pitstop' to the 100 bikers who had to make a compulsory 'detour'. With our new gadgets, the participants partook in a series of challenge and were thus rewarded with nice premium ice cream fron New Zealand Natural.


It was really an eventful night especially when we saw different kinda folks. There were participants who were competitive, participants who can't be bothered, participants who were uptight and some who were chio. (tim was very happy for once)

trying to listen to the command of bopit

Since Eve and Mumu were not around, we decided to have a little male bonding. Sipping ice cold beer and eating cockles in our romantic moulin rouge blacony. Feels good once in a while without those pair o' eyes watchin' over us...

conquering simon trickster

After yesterday's episode, I realise that Pitstop cafe isn't that hard to find actually. Judging by the prompt arrival of most of the groups, it tells me that so as long as you stay focus on your goal, arriving at the destination on time isn't a big problem actually. I think the station ICs really did a great job in organising the event, getting game challenges for the participants and helping us publicize our place. It was a pity that we did not get a group picture of these hardworking folks at the end of the event...(camera run out of battery)

Only got 1 impromptu snapshot of one of the station ic

so sweet....awww.... Aiyah...

As Pitstop cafe continues to introduce you to more fun and games, we hope that we can stay focus in deliverin' to all our customers a friggin' good time. Also, I hope that all of you will continue to keep the faith and believe in us.

the late comers are back in full force! Ba Xian Guo Hai xian shen tong

Lotsa developmental plans are in the pipeline, we have treasured your comments and are working towards bringing you a better place for fun. Do follow us closely on this difficult and yet rewarding path.

Well, hope that you folks have a good time here with us! Do come back again if Pitstop cafe has left an impression on you!


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