Presenting Sweet Desire

Eh how come you guys never do promotion for Valentine day? That is a question posed by some of the nice folks that came to our cafe. Like a newborn in the world of business, our reply was "ya hor, eh but don't know what to do leh"

So we think, wonder and day dream, trying to figure out somehing that will be attractive and value for money for the folks that come over Pitstop Cafe. I am proud to present our first virgin attempt, Sweet Desire! Let me share abit of how we got started on our newbie attempt at promotion...

Step 1:
Stare at each other till someone cannot tahan and blurt out some ideas. Having big eyeballs help.

Step 2:
Expand the idea as if nothing will stop you, throw in as much freebies as you can. special thanks to Timo who is willing to offer himself...

Step 3:
Be realistic cos we do not have peanuts to run a big scale promotion. I believe offering Timo for the night might not be that attractive to all and hence we added a new triple scoop ice cream creation, free flow of soft drinks as well as 2 hours of fun games as our promotion...

Step 4:
Dress up our model for showcasing, they got to look chio so that hopefully it will be love at first sight...

Timo doing a final inspection, he looks happy, perhaps siao is a better word...

Step 5:
Take lots of pictures, top view, side view, backside view, whatever. If you have unsteady hands like mine and have no tripod, take triple the amount of pictures. Definitely you will snap something that is usable.

Step 6:
Conceptualize the design and a nice name for the promotion. We rambled lots of possibilities like The Ideal One, Cupid Arrow, Lovely Dovey, blah blah...Finally we decided on Sweet Desire. Reason? The words looks nice with the font! :)

Step 7:
Squeeze my brain juices, experiment with composition, colors and typography. This is what we get after all the photoshopping work...

Click on picture for a clearer view!

Step 8:
Sweeten things up by trying to create more value for the Pitstop folks. Having just a promotion is not enough, Mumu and Evelyn are looking at how they can doll up the place. We try to find nice folks who will offer you additional goodies. Gift conceptz will be giving an additional 5% discount off the roses they are selling. All you have to do is to mention that you are a Pitstopper! There will be little surprises as well, such as free cookies, etc..oops

Step 9:
With all these in place, we have to publicize it. We email friends and hope they will spread the word for us. We are also emailing the folks that have came by the cafe and given us their contacts. If you readers like what our promotion, help us spread the word as well!

Step 10:
The last most important ingredient is YOU! Without your support, nothing else matter. So hope you guys like the promotion and drop by at Pitstop Cafe for a fun time!

Have Fun, be a Pitstopper!

boyboy, with tons of spelling mistakes corrected by eve

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