Choo Choo Choo!!! (AKA Chu 3)

For a moment, Pitstop cafe was opened on the 2nd day of CNY. And why?

Due to some Chinese tradition, if we intend to open the shop on the 3rd day of CNY(Chu 3), we must then open on the 2nd day of CNY (Chu 2). Siao man... Well, to make the old fellow jolly, we decide to succumb to her constant rambling and 'open' on Chu 2.

Now, before those folks start yelling at us to be more clear on our operating hours, I meant that I literally OPENED the shop by driving all the way down to Pitstop cafe and raising the shutter before closing it again. Of course I brought now the fun cool games as well.

Darn, is tradition impeding modernisation or is modernisation eroding traditional values? Maybe we can have an academic discussion on this one..

Anyway, following the 'Psuedo Opening' of the cafe, the Pitstop crew sprang back into action on Chu 3.

yea man, I spotted a girl that looks like the girl who played 'Kuang Tian ya' in 'my date with a vampire 3', argh.. her back's facing us!

We were warmly greeted by a bunch of folks who spent their afternoon indulging in the 'never will get sian' taboo. The interesting thing was that this time they created a 'stage' for the 'describer'. Upon making a mistake,they then 'Tau Pok' (AKA whack or Hum tum, sabo in some cultures) that person.

hmm.. see if you can spot her... so cute..

Yet another way of playing taboo I guess. Well, after all Pitstop Cafe is about fun not just Boardgames. The boardgames are there to fuel your fun, however personal creativity is still the essential ingredient in making every boardgame unique and exciting. For example, I used to play Monopoly at home with a bunch of folks, and we made it a point to negotiate and purchase everything in terms of drinking alcohol. A hell of a night that was... Yea man, so just be free and have fun!

I think i saw one of this folks in school, hey if it was you who I saw on the bus A1, leave a comment!

Well, I guess the ultimate aim we folks at Pitstop hopes to achieve is that one day everyone can cast down all forms of social barriers or conventions and just have fun with everybody else. Like what most people used to say, "Strangers are friends who have not met"

Pitstop Cafe, "its Really Right up here!" boohoohoo (and you should know why waikee)


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aphrodite said...

My boss very pan tang, she would consult 风水师 every yr w/o fail to check when's de best day to 开工...& if ur birth yr clashes wif wat de 风水师 has calculated, u're allowed to start work later..

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