Crispy Chicken?

The weather is really chilly over here at Phoenix! Kinda of miss the heat back in Singapore. The fireplaces around the resort helps!

Nice and cosy!

Anyway was having dinner one of the evening and my colleagues order some finger food to go with the drinks. Look kinda of like the crispy chicken we have at Pitstop Cafe right! Anyway looking at the bones there, don't look like chicken bone right? Like to make a guess?

Crispy chicken???

Actually it is rattlesnake meat! Supposely to be common in the area since most of Arizona is desert. The taste of the meat is quite like chicken. Some parts abit chewy so I am not sure if that is the skin?

Rattlesnake, they have it as can food too!

It was a pretty interesting experience. If snakes are not for you, then drop by at Pitstop Cafe for crispy chicken (really similar) instead! If you are here check out the seaweed chicken too! :)

Ok see you guys soon!


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