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Pitstop Cafe has been up and running for 2 months plus. We are still trying to generate more publicity and awareness and its really tough. We have also learn alot from operating the cafe for the past 2 months. Feedbacks from you guys has allow us to improve and know our weak areas. So really thank you guys for all the comments and suggestions.

We know we have pretty decent food, but then again the waiting time can be a pain at times. Many have feedback they like our personalise service and we are glad we make your experience at Pitstop Cafe enjoyable.

I guess our sincere service do make a difference but i guess it is also that you guys have been great and patient with us!

Again we know having good service is not enough, we gotta meet your needs! We this in mind, we are going back to the drawing board. We gonna start from basic and redo whatever is needed to better satisfy you! To start off with, we gonna change the drinks menu. Instead of offering just the usual soft drinks, we will try to carry a bigger selection of drinks. Drinks that you love of course if you like stuff like goat milk or tiger piss it might be tough.

Anyway to make this happen, we need your help! Email us and let us know what drinks you like and we will try to see if we can make it as an item in our new menu. We will continue to strive to meet your needs cos afterall it is you and your laugher that make Pitstop Cafe the place we want it to be.

So be part of Pitstop Cafe, Be a Pitstopper!

So if you were drinking a cold drink now, what would it be?


Be a Pitstopper,


Anonymous said...

have visited your cafe and follow your blog for a while.
Seem that you have not plan your business before operating the cafe....probably just want to follow or copy the success of settlers or mind.
operating hours change,kitchen crew not sufficient, menu change, ....trying to cope with the studies.....shop open for business or not.... think i will probably give your cafe a miss and bring my friends to settlers, at least more assure that they are open and menu is the same...

Timothy said...

not speaking on behalf of pitstop cafe. But rather speaking on my personal opinion.

I guess, that's what make us special isn't it? most business will try to hide their flaws and sensationalise their 'unique selling point'.

At least for me, doing business is not just about squeezing every ounce of cents from your customers. But it's really a learning process, it's about how you fine tune your business to one that caters to your customers needs.

I dun deny that we r really green horns in doing business. But what i do strongly believe is the fact that we r learning, and no matter how successful a person or business is, there are still much more to learn.

In fact, we could, for the sake of the business, delete your comment leaving the positive ones just to show how 'satisfied our customers are'. but instead, we keep your comment.

even though you might bring your folks to settlers just becuse you find us 'unprofessional' enough. as for me, though it matters that we have one less customer, but what matters to me, I guess; is that we try to steer clear of businesses that have a strong sense of customer-boss dichotomy.

in short, pitstop cafe; not only is a learning process to us, my ultimate vision is still to be able to treat every one of you as a guest in my 'house'.

and in order to achieve that, i think it takes more than just two months.. especially when the rest of us have their studies and work to attend to...

trust me, we thank you for your comment.. we will work on our inadequacy, we will move on.

your recognition is our greatest reward

Tim (NOT on behalf of pitstop cafe)

croxxy said...
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Anonymous said...


Been at Pitstop a couple of times. Must say that I think while the service is not perfect, your friendly attitude, smiling faces and enthusiastic willingness to teach us game after game more than made up for what we may call professionalism. Afterall, what is professionalism but a Standards perceived by the general at large. You may not provide the 7 Ps we learn in school but fact is, ppl like us make repeat visits becose we like Pitstop. Way to go! Jiayou =)

If I am having a cold drink now, it would be Fresh Green Apple with Sour Plum! Very yummy! Available at Secret Recipes (Green Apple Katsuri)

AstroBoy said...

Hi to who must not be named,

Thanks for your feedback. The cafe is a means for a group of us to come together to try out something new in additional to studying, etc. We are learning as we go along. Changing allow us to improve on what we have and I believe that is the least we can do for those who supported us.

I think we are famous in our own way :)

We do apologise that we are not able to meet your needs at this time.

cityhermit said...

Dear Pitstoppers and Crews,

Some of my observations:

We are in a very dynamic information age which is constantly changing, so there is only so much you can "plan" for. But your willingness to evolve and adapt to the changes provided a good alternative to the new generation enterpreneurs on how to tackle the world of changes.

Yes, you might be inspired by another's business model, but along the way and aginst all odds, eg. location, bullies, big brothers, etc, many of us see that you have managed to carve out your own niche and have created a personality for your cafe, with all the changes in place, I believe you will stand out in he crowd with your own image.

I for one wouldn't miss my daily dose of your blog. Seeing a group of youngsters having dreams and willing to sacrifice to follow them through is really inspiring. How many of us talk about dreams but never take the plunge? At least you guys took the first step.

Keep it up guys.

coleman said...


there's no need to be everything to everyone. you probably won't be able to please everyone all the time, and it would be a mistake (and an impossibility) to try cater to everyone. surely you know that by now.

understand what strengths you have (friendly, relaxing but great service etc), and don't ever lose those strengths!

there's no need to be too 'professional', and i like timo's concept about treating everyone like guests in the house - this refreshing, and larger establishments will find this difficult to replicate.

but, your first anonymous commenter has a point - not everyone can handle so many changes at a short time - a lot of people need some form of stability. do bear that in mind when you plan to make drastic changes.

p.s. as for the drinks, i suggest iced dragon saliva with ground dinosaur bone.

Anonymous said...

hi pitstopper.
1st time writing a comment, though have been following your blog for a while.
i agree that being willing to change is good, the impt thing to keep in mind is to change in a timely manner, esp with settlers on one side, and minds right behind. hope you can carve a niche for yourself.
guess the ultimate winner is the customer...they are now spoilt for choice with 3 gaming cafes to choose in 1 location...haha....

YY said...

I have been to minds and settlers. Generally, they are fine but pitstop not bad too. BEen there once but dun think the bosses notice me.

Anyway, jsut hope u guys jiayou k?

SOmething to address to the first posting...be flexible man. CHanges can be good at times but again, we have to be sensitive to people who cannot adopt to changes. At least that is what I have learnt in my marketing classes( these conservative and not being able to adapt people are always the minority)!!!!

Most important thing!!!! THe bosses are chio and shuai!!!! My idols :) Will drop by soon again. Let me complete my project first yea?

Christine said...

I agree with wat cityhermit said...u guys (and gals of coz) at Pitstop is unique in ur own way. It is inspiring to know tat some are able to pursue their dreams despite all the difficulties n criticism they have to face. Maybe tat is the main reason why I patronize your cafe. Other reasons are that it is rejuvenating to be in your company and relax in the cafe like it is home.

Anway, keep up the good work n continue to strive for ur dreams n goals!

evelyn said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for your encouragement and cheers to those who believe in us. We strive to provide u all with the best that can be done.. with our limited funds, limited time, limited knowledge, limited experience etc.
Its tough to know everything beforehand!
Thank God for giving us a chance. Thanks to all of u again... We love u all regardless of race language or religion... friend or foe... so bear with us! heheh... :)

Anonymous said...

tat sounds so cliche...regardless religion, race, etc...u reciting national pledge is it???

The Movie Club said...

What I like about pitstop cafe is it provides a very "homely" feel, from the food, to drinks to people.

So if you want such a branding, stick to it. Add in more "home" elements. Can start with music though. Think the music sets the "tone" in the shop - whatever you play.

As for drinks... home made barley? Hmm..... Soya bean? Lime juice? Suan Mei? Bandung? (I make good Bandung)...hahah.... and if you want something more 'high class', I always love an ice chocolate. :)

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