Are we an item?

Many people ask, 'are we an item?'

what is an item may I ask?

Have I become an object or have we become things?

how do you define an item? or rather, how do you make poeple an item?

then again, some say, 'you all must be a couple!'

Now, have we become two people who are only defined by one catgory? such that we have loss all sense of identity, that we should be identified as a couple...

and what is exactly a couple?

some say, 'i've got a couple of dollars'

while some chinese even call it couplet...

now, what is a couple?

you all have got me so confused? just exactly do you wanna know?

is she my girlfriend or am I her boyfriend?

ahh... that's the crux of the question.

is a girlfriend but a friend in female form?

Or is a boyfriend a.....


Anonymous said...

so who are being objectified here?>

Christine said...

The objects are Timo n Mumu...lol

And I guess this posting is Timo's retort to my qs of whether the 2 of them are an "item". Ok, bad phrasing on my side...but since I know the answer now...guess its a redundant qs...haha

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