Toto Ang Bao Draw!

I really couldn't believe it. As you guys know, a few days back there was a whooping 10 million ang bao draw right. We were talking about how good it will be to win it. So we decided to take 50 bucks from our cash box to buy some Toto tickets to try our luck. As we do not have any numbers in mind, we just go for the quick pick.

Who could have guess it? We turn out to be one of the ten lucky winners! That is a bloody whopping 1 million dollars. As the tickets was bought under the company money, we decided not to keep any of it ourselves but raher spend it on business development.

With this amount of money, there is really alot of things we could do. For once, we can sponsor bigger events, unlike now when we wanted to sponsor certain event, other similar sponsor specifically do not want us to be involved. Things definitely will change. We are looking into opening another Pitstop Cafe branch right at the prime location of orchard road. We are considering Paragon or Takashimaya. Other business developement like Pitstop Pool & Bar are in consideration. Base on an interesting feedback from one of the readers, we are considering Pitstop Child Care Center as well.

We were really excitied as we talk about the possible things we could do, in fact we went a bake a nice big lobster to celebrate the occassion. Timo even bought back some nice good wine. Just then the alarm from the microwave went off...

"Eh what time liao? You still sleeping? Don't have to open shop meh?!" Hmmm whats mum voice doing here? I thought she is could not make it for the celebration....

The sun shone in as i open my sleepy eyes with mum face staring straight into me...

What a NICE dream!

Dreams are made at night, but accomplished in the day, of course some people daydream and accomplished them in the night. Doesn't matter which timezone you are in, chase your dreams!

-boyboy has decided to change to AstroBoy instead for a more manly feel...

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