First Time on TV

We have just been featured on last sunday's channel U News!!! Though the feature was about places to hang out during valentine's day, it was nevertheless an experience to be featured on TV.

But what was more interesting about this feature was that SDU actually organised a speed dating event in our cafe. As their participants were too shy to be caught on camera, Me and MUMU have to actually stand in for this event!

It was really such a joke to be 'acting' as if we just met each other. It was so hilarious when I saw my own actions on TV. Ha, such is the illusion of the media.

Such a hallmark event and we did not even take a single picture. Well, there's always a reason man.

It's been a long time since I posted an entry if you realised. Work is piling up, and I'm feeling the fatigue. Sometimes, i just wonder if all this is worth it? It really pleases me when I see more and more new faces asking about our cafe, yet it just brings down my morale when I see those empty seats waiting to be filled.

People have been telling us to do something about the stairs, our board and what not. Really, we are looking into it and in fact, work is goin' on. Folks, give us time, it's not that we don't want to, but there's only this much we can do given our limited time and money.

Folks, do keep the faith for Pitstop cafe. Dark and difficult time lies ahead for us, but I hope YOU and the Pitstop crew will overcome this phase. Thank you for your continued support.

a very stressed timo

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