The first step

As promised, Pitstop cafe is constantly refining an attuning to your needs and I'm proud to reveal our first upgrade!

The Awning AKA Canopy

Many things need consensus, especially in an equal partnership where everyone has their own aspirations, rationale, worries and sub agenda.

Even when it comes to the installation of an awning, conflicts arise also.

The Awning is something like those canvas shade found in most kopitiam and pubs.

Proponent of the Awning-Thesis

The awning maximises the use of space at the balcony which is otherwise, underutilised. Having an awning also allow us to open up the balcony door to reduce noise level and the glare of the direct sunrays. The awning also allows customers to see and 'feel' what's happening outside, thus removing the claustrophobic feeling.

Opponent of the Awning-Anti-thesis

The awning is unneccessary at this point in time as it incur costs and does not directly generate more revenue. It is also unneccessary as most of the time we are not opened in the afternoons. Lastly, not that we need the space to house the excess in demand, having an awning is cost inefficient.

Conclusion of the dialectics-Synthesis

Having much discussion, and after much struggles, we decide to install the awning. This does not mean that the opponents of the awning were out voted, or rather after much negotiations, we have decided to marry the best of both opinions and implement this idea to fulfil larger imperatives.


Having the awning is just one step. What goes in our development plans? Folks, do keep the faith, we will in time, reveal em' one by one. As for the moment, we need you to keep our dreams alive.

We ain't no have investors, no private limited, no bank loan proposal. What we have is our pocket money and our passion. We ensure you that your experience with Pitstop cafe will be truly postmodern.....



astroboy said...

Yeah other than flying pillow, broken glasses and bleeding noses, the discussion went pretty well....hahaa

anyway can't wait to see the stuff get fix up. Hope it will look great!

Anonymous said...

haha.. sounds good! hope u guys can get better and better with all the 'upgrading' works u all r doing yah?
"Evolution is inevitable. Changes brings new ideas. Those who stagnate will become extinct. Those who change with the times will emerge victorious."

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