We got Pinged!

I just realised Pitstop Cafe just got "pinged" by the folks from ping.sg who came to the cafe for their first outing.

So what exactly is ping.sg?

"Ping.sg is a meta blog for Singapore bloggers. It aims to create a comprehensive and thorough database for blog entries written by local bloggers and/or with local interest. ping.sg also aims to create online community for Singapore bloggers to interact and gives every single blogger the same chance to stand out above the rest." - ping.sg

astroboy loves all this web database programming stuff!

Since Pitstop Cafe is part of the blogsphere, we really appreciate what they are trying to achieve for local bloggers. Clap clap clap!

Anyway I am not sure if ping.sg consider us as local bloggers since their policy is no commercial blogs. Are we a commercial blog? Perhaps, read this and this. But i guess we are more of a hybrid.

Oh ya where was i??? Orrr, ya like to say a big thank you to the folks at ping.sg for choosing to hold their first meetup at Pitstop Cafe! These folks ping (visit) us and hopefully they are pong back with a healthy dose of laughter at Pitstop Cafe.

The pingers first outing at Pitstop Cafe

Hope you guys had a good time at Pitstop! Once again i think i missed to find out who exactly DK was as i was not around.

DK is among the first few readers to have visit our blog and leave comments since way back when we first started the blog, but never visited the place till pass august last year...

In my impression i do know that he played ticket to ride before, he borrow our games before and he was at the cafe again at the ping outing. I only realise it after i read his blog and hence till now I fail to put a face to this nick!

Gotta catch you next time!

Pitstop Cafe, ganna pinged!



uzyn said...

Hey, nice entry and thanks for hosting our very first meet up. :)

Hey, ping your entries away at ping.sg. Actually we meant no spam blogs or pseudo-blogs that sell stuffs (not really blogs but shops). We would love to see your entries on our page.

Veron said...

Awesome post! Since you folks are also ping.sg users, you might as well join in our next meetup (probably at Pitstop Cafe again).

P.S. I recognise Smith with his orange crocs. He recommended the Saboteur game to us. Damn fun!

DK said...

Sound like I got a criminal record at pitstop cafe. hahaha.... :P

donald said...

next time ping.sg gets discounts ok?

and intro us to more games!!!

Mr.Smith said...

It's my pleasure =)

glad u guys enjoy urself =)

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