Pitstoppers Blah Blah Blah Beta

We are going to have an additional new blog! What is going to be different is that you can be a part of it!

Of course the question is why do we want another blog. One of the reason is to provide a way for Pitstoppers to share interesting stuff with each other. The other is also for us to share other funny stuff that we came across and might not related to Pitstop Cafe.

Anyway this project is still in beta phase and we will see how things work out. So if you have anything interesting, simply send an email to the following address and you will see it appear on the pitstoppers blog!

So if you have anything intesting, such as a joke, a funny incident or whatever blah blah blah, send an email and share it with other Pitstoppers. Send in either text or html format but attachements currently are not accepted.

We are Pitstoppers! Start the ball rolling

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