Game Review: Ticket to Ride

Yeah finally got some time to do a review on one of my favourite games, Ticket to Ride! I really enjoy playing this as well as sharing this game with the folks that come to the cafe. It is easy to setup, the rules are simple, it has a nice theme and most of all it is so much fun to play! In my opinion, it is definitely a much better introduction to eurogame compared to Settlers of Catan.

This group is the first time playing this game and they will be showing you how simple and fun the game is.

The game is enjoyable for group of 3 to 5

In this game, everyone owns a train company in the US. So as a train company the objective is to connect up the various cites by railway.

See all those tracks and cities, you got to link them up!

Every player will have various missions which require them to plan a route to connect up the cities...

So if you can connect up the 2 city you get 12 bonus points, if not then a 12 point penalty for you!

You get to collect train cards on your turn and using the train cards you get to build the railway tracks.

Different color train cards are required to build parts of the railway tracks

but it is not easy, each time the most you can collect is 2 cards

once you got the right cards, you get to build your railway tracks!

and you get points for building the tracks too. depending on how long is the track, you are rewarded accordingly

Since you can choose either to collect train cards or build tracks, this game require careful planning. Spend too many turns collecting cards and your evil friends will claim your routes and you end up having to build a circle line just to reach your destination. Build to early and too fast and you deplete your resources!

as the game progress, tension increases as each player claim more and more tracks

You will have to plan on the fly as your routes might be claim by other players before you even build them. Do you notice another interesting about this game? There is no dice involved! One of the important characteristic of most eurogames.

The folks like the game so much that stay for dinner and proceed to another session of the game!

playing Ticket to Ride Europe edition

which is a more advance edition which allow players to build tunnels and railway stations

things can get so exciting that you can't stay seated!

definitely a fun and enjoyable session!

Ticket to Ride comes in 3 different editions; America, Europe and Marklin. Each new edition introduce new different gameplay elements. Yeah and at Pitstop Cafe we got all the 3 editions!

Someone should create a new edition base on our world class transport. It will be so much fun trying to connect different locations via MRT, LRT, Buses, etc. Players can build ERP gantries to divert one congested areas to another. Elite players can even implement clever stuff like the "Flag the Bus Early" campaign. It will be so damm fun!

So come to Pitstop Cafe and have a Ticket to Ride experience!

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Dr. said...

Nice review. Ticket to Ride (TTR) is a very simple game - even my 5 yr old can play it and he can score up to 120 points or more. Some pointers - The players are NOT train company owners but rather admirers of Phileas Fogg, the guy who travelled around the world in 80 days and they wanted to race around US (the original TTR). You don't build railway tracks but rather place trains to "claim" the routes. Train companies and railroad placements come under a wonderful game - Age of Steam or the lighter version - Railroad Tycoon.

FYI, a prototype version of TTR Singapore has been done using the MRT and yes, LRT system. It was playtested last month at the Singapore Open Gaming organised by keen boardgamer Ken Lee

astroboy said...

yup, you are absolutely right base on the information from the rulebook. However the change of the story was done intentionally to engage the players. Not alot of folks know Phileas Fogg, let alone be his admirers.

For me i always feel that it is important to engage the user instead of just learning how to play the game. The change in storyline makes it easier to immerese them in the theme while at the same time keep the gameplay unchange.

astroboy said...

Anyway thanks alot for the comment! You have covered interesting facts from the actual game itself, while my review was mainly from the perspective of teaching the game.

Do look forward to more of your comments!

Ticket to Ride Conductor said...

Really nice review. Good pictures, too! Ticket to Ride is a great game that is great for inexperienced gamers.

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