Pitstop Mini

I believe most of you folks have receieved Pitstop Cafe membership card, aka the Pitstop Mini. It really brighten our days when you guys tell us that you like our unique membership card!

For those who have not gotten the card yet, imagine a card smaller than your usual credit cards and with a nice glossy black surface, swee!

front of the card. The background looks familar right?

back of the card. can anyone guess what is shown in the background?

What is cool about this card is that it doesn't require you to pay any membership fee at all! Just consolidate a bill of above $100 within a month and the card is yours!

So what are the benefits for our Pitstoppers? We have lots in store for you...

10% discount on total bill

15% discount on your birthday and a free postcard photo on your birthday

10% discount off purchase of merchandise at Pitstop Cafe

Special promotion with participating merchants

But wait there is more...

Every $5 spend earns you 1 Pitstop Dollar which can be accumulated to redeem for free gaming hours, yummy treats and so much more!

And hold on, I am getting breathless but there is still more!

15 Pitstop Dollars credited to your account immediately!

Some folks are saying that we are crazy and i think we are. But we know we exists because of your continuous support and we strive to give you folks the best value and experience by putting the best in what we do. So close your eyes, touch your heart...eh can feel the love or not?

Be a Pitstopper today. Be part of the fun!

Pitstop Cafe, we love Pitstoppers!



DK said...

Any prizes for guessing correctly the background? :D

That is the view from the ground when you lose a game.

Anonymous said...

hey guys!

tried to email but something's wrong with my com. Anyways, I was wondering if pitstop cafe is able to have 35-40 people? (I don't think it's possible but i wanna double check)

If it is possible, how much would it cost to book the entire place for a private event.

Thanks a lot!

you can email me back at:



Evelyn said...

Hi Eileen,
Have u been to Pitstop before?
If so, u'll be able to gauge our seating capacity.
Of course we are able to sit 35-40 pax!
Is it for a birthday celebration? Do you need decorations? Do u want finger food or main course? drinks? how many hrs? Which day?
Let us know more by emailing us the details okie?

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