Tattoos, anyone?

At Pitstop Cafe, there is this wall where creative folks like to draw. Armed with colorful markers, they leave their marks in the cafe with writings and drawings.

We kinda of pondered for awhile when someone first suggested the idea. Kimoki like the idea but I was quite against it because i am not sure how things might turn out, or whether people who come here will feel that the place is "chaotic".

So to be fair, i decided to do a bit of testing. I pick a small tiny corner on the wall and write in the smallest possible words possible, "Someone say we should allow people to draw on the wall, is it a good idea?"

The first moment i saw it, regret is the only thing that fill my mind. With my ugly handwritting, the whole stuff looks so out of place. My first thought was to find some paint to cover it up.

Of course when Kimoki, Mumu and Eve, saw it, they started drawing as well to ensure that it will be on the path of no return. Kudos to them because they did a great job in drawing mushrooms and other cute stuff that a moment later when i saw it again, i was convinced that it was cool stuff.

Gwen and Joy, one of our Pitstoppers who was there that day "contributed" to it as well.

As time goes by, it was really interesting to see the things that people "leave" behind. Some like to write, some draw while others decorate their photos. It is like watching a big piece of canvas with an ever changing expression, littered with bits and pieces from all those who came by.

It started pretty bare...

The response that we get initially from the folks at the cafe was interesting. Some asked "eh are you sure we can draw?". Others simply grab the markers and start drawing. One even mentioned, "eh, I am not used to vandalising leh..."

Kimoki key work. He drawed the astroboy and from here the term "fufu" was born

I think in the end folks like it. The wall don't seem to be enough and some of them aim even for our ceiling!

Others saw familiar faces. "eh isn't she our lecturer....???"

Even little kids get a chance to show off their creative side...

With all this drawings by all you Pitstoppers, it really give the cafe more personality. In our free time, we just like to go look through the wall, searching for little stuff that was written and drawn. When i am back from an oversea trip, the wall is defnitely filled with new writtings and drawings and i will start to ask, "hey who drew this?"

Eve or Mumu will replied, "Oh it is this group who is the friend of this guy who came along with another group...."

Looking at the wall is just like trying to solve an interesting puzzle on who is connected to who. I bet Kimoki who has been away for the past 2 weeks, is defintely going to have lots of questions about all those girls that drop by when he come back...

Pitstop Cafe, tattooed with beautiful art from all you supporters!


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