Roles Reversal

It is very interesting at Pitstop Cafe, the crew under go role reversal every now and then. astroboy used to be very particular on planning, efficient operations, logistic, blah blah blah.

Of course on the other side of the fence, folks like Kimoki tend to go on a 'feel' concept, whereby everything is more of art than science and things like efficient operations or logistics, etc takes second place. This is good too and the result can be seen by more emotional entries that draw more comments.

astroboy is slowly used to the 'feel' way of doing stuff and infact enjoying it cos it is much relaxing and more fun since there isn't so much things to think about.

But interestingly when astroboy started enjoying the other style of doing thing, Kimoki become particular in certain things such as planning, doing things properly, etc.

Sometime astroboy have to travel but the rest will be around. When Kimoki and mumu go out of town, astroboy and eve is around. Astroboy will have to go for ICT next monday, but guess what, kimoki and mumu will be back by sunday!

I guess this is the unique part of the Pitstop Cafe. All of us seem to be link in a certain way, taking on different roles at different time, but things just manage to maintain a nice balance in its own way.

Pitstop Cafe, an ecosystem on its own


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