I bet you din know....

I bet you didn't know that...

1)communist parties are not the only ones that believe in communal sharing
2)there are communities that are still surviving w/o TV and VCRs
3)there are women who are fine with not having much say in the community
4)there are still folks who dress like the 16th century Europeans

I have always thought in the 21st Century, everyone is equipped with technologically advanced products, liberal, individualistic and modern. However, lo and behold, while I was reading National Georaphic yesterday, I found out abt the Hutterites!

Who are the Hutterites?

BAsically, they are living in a communal theological colony who believe in sharing things ( sounds like communism). Most importantly, their teachings centre around Christianity and are ultra conservative.

Imagine staying in a community whereby education is not the priority. Imagine staying in a community whereby gals are to wear long-covered dresses. Imagine living in a coomunity whereby TV is not allowed!!! Most goodness, it's great that I have trance upon this article, otherwise, I will be still living in the world of my own, thinking that by default, everyone is vaccumed into the 21st century.

It seems that the movie, The Village, whereby the folks were still living in the Old World mold despite it was the 20th C really exist. ( the Hutterites are similar)

Check out their link: http://www.hutterites.org

It is cool to read National Geographic....always new things to be unrevealed.

-Mutastic Fantasic-

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