On a different scale

I am not sure about you guys, but when i was young, i used to enjoy reading facts books that goes something like this..."Did you know that a blue whale is bigger than 25 elephants and its heart is the size of a Volkswagen Bettle"

I always wonder why there is always a need to compare with other things? Perhaps it is easier to visualize and understand the scale of things? If that is the case, why we always tend to compare with elephants (i really read alot comparing it with elephants), human beings, buses, etc. Why not compare it with say a stool?

Yeah a stool that look like this...

A nice green stool

Instead of saying i am 1.76 metre tall maybe i can say i am about 5 stool tall. How about your fufu if one might ask. Ya sometime it is around 2 stool long (ok i admit i kinda of oversell on that). The point is that we should come out with a more interesting way of measuring stuff.

For example the Havard bridge at MIT is measured in smoot interval. Oliver R. Smoot, who in October, 1958 was rolled head over heels by his friends to measure the length of the Harvard Bridge. The smoot is equal to his height, and the bridge's length was measured to be 364.4 smoots plus one ear. Till today there are various markings on the bridge to identify various smoot intervals and even policeman use that for identifying location of accidents on the bridge. Pretty interesting right.

anyway i must be quite boliao try to measure the height of Pitstop Cafe ceiling in terms of number of stools and here is the result...

Presenting the stool tower of Pitstop Cafe, another wonder in the world!

Maybe i should next time i should try with the jenga blocks instead. Anyone like to make a guess on how many Jenga blocks standing vertically is needed to reach from the floor to the ceiling?

I was thinking of measuring my salary in terms of peanuts, but seem to be way under qualified...



queen jeanie said...

i really like this entry!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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