Moni not enough

Kimoki earlier entry has been accused of jealousy. As the only one with a mechanical fufu, i feel the need to rise to the occassion and try to settle the root of the problem once and for all.

The problem is of course moni not enough. If got moni, then everthing no problem liao. So the solution is to find moni. See i very smart right? This entry will be rather long in order to address the situation and not everyone will understand the complexity of the situation...

Plan A:

One of the easier solution is to get everyone in the country to give us just 2 bucks. This is the price of 1 plate of char kway tiao only, not 5 plates. With the moni we can then upgrade our cafe. This is not friendly though since everyone give the money, how can the upgrade be so selective leh?

Anyway we have no power, so getting everyone to give 2 buck will be a tough sell anyway. Its ok, I have Plan B...

Plan B:

We explain that price of cooking oil has increase and we are not making the type of profit that we should be making and hence we should raise all our price, otherwise we can't guarantee we can provide good service. Sounds good? Nah, i don't think so, we must always add value to Pitstoppers

No prob, lim beh got Plan C. This time sure can work.

Plan C:

Every easy, get people to invest in our cafe lar. They pump in moni then we can do whatever we want liao lar. I know this moment you guys must be admiring my intelligence, its ok i am used to it.

The key part now is to evaluate potential investors, machiam like what we are doing for the IRs. Must choose properly else wait geomancer say 8 characters crash, then also very jialat. So we go and ask and see who want to invest in us. I am shocked by the keen responses.

Uncle Arthur and his kakis of the round table wanted to help us in our quest. He is very gung ho about it. But the problem is that with his backyard under attack, so many black swords and don't even know who is the traitor, i feel really bad to have him involved with us at this moment.

See his situation like that, i also paiseh to ask for his help

We also have this group of nice folks who are interested in investing with us...

kuku, chi chi, ba ba...

Obviously we have communication barrier and hence we could not really work with them even though they look cute and adorable.

The next group that came to us is too ambitious. Suggesting projects that are way too big scale for us. Building gardens and pavilions, too much for our cafe.

Nice proposal

I suggested to them that even it is not appropriate for us, they can try their luck for the IR proposal. I helped to give them good tips too. Building design don't have asian style or reflect asian culture is ok, as long got museum, support the arts and got convention centers can liao.

After meeting so many investors, i am getting disappointed. No one seems suitable until this jolly guy came along...

One look can see that must be a rich uncle who just withdraw out his cpf

I suggested to him not to invest in Battam but invest in Pitstop Cafe instead. He is keen and even suggested ideas on how expand our cafe...

He is looking at opening another 5 outlets!

I know he is keen, but obviously he has not been in touch. That house that cost $240 is 10 years ago rate lar. Now at least cost a bloody $1200 but his worker salary still crawling at around the same level. I think he better invest in Battam lar.

I had a last meeting with this group of investors. They are really good, from private sector one somemore. Got young, got old, all different talents, really promising.

This is a credible and solid team

I got really excited when they show me the money...

ho seh already lar, finally got investor liao

Everything was ok and fine and i was about to close the deal with them liao

Steady want to sign contract liao...

but who know at the last minute, one of them see a huge potential in our cafe and wanted to have the whole deal himself...

At first in a group steady wan lor, but he chu pattern, want to do it his own way

Of course the rest of the folks also bei song him lor. They wanted to put a stop to it...


I say to him that we should have different people in a team than got synergy mah, the rest of the investors will want the best for the cafe too so should include them as well. He refused and instead ask us to give him a strong mandate instead so that the future of the cafe can be stable.

Of course the rest of the folks aren't too happy...

All tulan liao, rather used the time to go for a vacation instead

With all the key good people missing and only one choice available, the deal don't seem too attractive anymore and hence there was no deal.

But Eve always say very easy to find angel investors to just give you the money. Where got so easy? The only angel i see recently in the movie is the one with wings not moni. Flying around cho bo, catch people falling off the building and thats about it...

Pitstop Cafe, looking for angel investors...

Astroboy, firmware just upgrade to singlish version 1.2


Kelvin said...

Love this tongue-in-cheek entry, good use of your boardgame paraphernalia!

Wishing u all the best for your turnovers.

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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