Alvin, Simon, Theodore!

Little MuMu loves the Chipmunks.. yoh remember the cartoon of 3 singing chipmunks?

Updated with a nice video thanks to a link provided by a reader

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In tribute to these nostalgic characters, Pitstop cafe has featured our own version of the chipmunks

she wants to be Theodore, you know, the green one?

Here in Pitstop cafe, these 3 little sacks bear the colours of the 3 chipmunks and they possess goodies up for grabs!!

the 3 l'il sacks so named Alvin, Simon and Theodore

Now these goodies are yours for the taking with a minimum of $30 purchase at Pitstop cafe..

How does it work? with $30 in a single bill, you'll be entitled to the Simon bag (Blue), prizes ranges from a free drink to a free photo shoot at Pitstop cafe!!

With $60 in a single bill, you get to grab goodies from the Theodore bag (Green), these prizes range from double scoop sundae to a free meal at Pitstop Cafe!!

Alvin, being the star of the chipmunks is definately the bag with the best goodies

Now, With just $100 in a single bill, you'll be entitled to the Alvin Bag (Red), with yummy goodies such as 15% discount to a free gaming package worth $32!!! It is definately a reason to say 'we love the chipmunks and Pitstop cafe!'

imagine getting a fast forward package worth $32! You can come back with your friends and enjoy games with drinks and food for free!!

Now just in case, you think its kinda steep..think again.. bring a group of friends and everybody spends the amount you intended to watch a weekend movie..

and you'll be looking forward to dipping into the Chipmunks Bag, definately something for you on your next visit!!


Pitstop cafe, we want you to look forward to your next visit!



Anonymous said...

Yo... Here's the intro video for Alvin and the Chipmunks from You Tube. Recently looking thru all the old cartoon intro videos. =p


Anonymous said...

I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

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