Life in Taiwan

Hi everyone..It's been 3 days since I left Singapore for Taiwan to attend my cousin's wedding

I'm pretty battered and tired!! Physically i am more tired than days working in Pitstop coz I do not have enough sleep and have been carrying loads of things...Rushing from one state to another ( travelling to TAipei to Yilan to Taipei).

ENuff of these whining. Oh well, Taiwan is still as fun as it is. Nothing beats being able to meet up with my relatives. Most importantly, being able to chat w my cute cousins. I'm starting to think that my maternal's side has good genes!! Not only are my cousins yandao...my aunties are chiobus too!!!! ( will post up some nice pix when I return to singapore)

I've planned to shop and shop...buy and buy...but it seems that i am so tired, I can't get my butt off the seat!! Most importantly, the heat is killing me...It;s even hotter than singapore...!!!! However, the weather is abit drastic here. WHen i touched down at Taipei, it was pouring, gals were wearing their sweaters, jackets, (me Too!!!) Felt as I'm in winterTaiwanland!!! There was severe flood and soil erosion too. But now, it seems that everything is back to normal...it is feeling like summer again...

Shall end off here...going to get some sleep. N return the computer to my cousin!!! Oh well....everything is still good here....except that I'm tired...can't even speak coherently....

-Mu tired-

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scategories king said...

make sure u buy some presents back for me! otherwise i won't give u chance in scategories anymore!

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