Teach yourself Scattergories in 5 minutes

Scattergories is a really nice game and is in fact one of the favourites among those who love word games. Perhaps you can try this game among yourselves right now while you are reading this!

It is a pleasure to have our 2 lovely Pitstoppers to show you how to play this game!

2 sweet girls, Joy and Gwen!

The first thing you do is to come out with a list of 12 different categories. For example, you could have like things found in the kitchen, different type of desserts, hobbies and sports, blah blah blah.

Of course at Pitstop Cafe, we have the game so you get to choose from many different list

Joy has picked the list to start off the challenge

Ok so once you have the list ready, make sure everyone playing has a copy of the list as well. With a paper and pen, we are all set to go.

Throw the dice to decide the letter to use

See that is the fun part of playing at Pitstop Cafe. Everything is prepared for you. Anyway no big problem, you can randomly think of a letter and let everyone know the letter. Once that is done, start a 3 minute countdown. Everyone is supposed to write down an item in each of the category using the choosen letter as the first letter in the word.


deep in thoughts...

It is always interesting to watch groups playing this game. Everyone seems to be sitting for their exams. With the clock ticking in the background, it is funny seeing how everyone scrambled to find a suitable word for the category.

At the end of 3 mintues, it is scoring time

Ok here is the interesting part on the scoring. You get points only for words that no other player used. For example the letter is "B" and the category is things found in a party. If 1 or more player has the same word, e.g. "balloon", then no one gets any point for it. You only get points if your word is the unique one among the group.

Try it, it is more difficult then it seems!

i wonder who is the winner for this round?

If you like this game, you can try it with your friends. Better still why not drop by Pitstop Cafe and had a good time playing it while having great food and yummy ice cream.

Special thanks to these 2 great Pitstoppers, Gwen and Joy for all the nice poses!

Pitstop Cafe, bringing you fun no matter where you are!


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