Bright Monday

Monday at Pitstop Cafe is usually quite quiet as the weekend is just over and for most people, it is a new week of work. It was a nice surprise to have this group of folks to drop in. Surprise not because it is monday and i get to see folks in the cafe, but rather they were here on Sunday too.

The day before they spend quite awhile playing the Settlers of Catan. It seem to be a really great game and i must be quite ashame to say that i have not really get to learn that yet!

really nice surprise to see them again on a quiet monday

Anyway this time round they were at the cafe for dinner as well as some gaming. The cafe was abit of understaffed with eve away to JB, Kimoki is still in KL and Mumu in Taiwan. Luckily i got my younger brother as well as my adorable godsister to help.

They played a game of Priate's Cove. I did not really like the game. The gameplay isn't that fantastic consider the time needed to setup plus the complicated rules. Then again, the game components were really excellent with nice pieces and beautiful artwork, nothing less you would expect from games by Days of Wonder.

I think the group shared the same sentiments after the game. I recommended another game instead, Ticket to Ride and i was glad that they have a good time playing it. They were blocking each other tracks, definitely intense competition among the 4 of them.

The game ended quite late about 11.30 pm. They were thanking us for keeping the cafe open till so late for them. But seeing the fun that they had, it was worth it. I had a good time too. After all it is because of all you Pitstoppers that gives the meaning of existance to Pitstop Cafe.

Look forward to see all you Pitstoppers soon!

Pitstop Cafe, we are able exist because of all you folks!


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