Finally Settled the Settlers of Catan

I have to say I have never played or knew the game Settlers of Catan till this week. Despite being such a well-known game, neither eve and i know exactly how to play the game. I am not sure why, despite hearing people saying how good the game is, i was not really keen to learn it.

Of course this change when Mark drop by this week. Mark, being a hardcore gamer, taught us how to play the game. It is certainly a great opportunity to learn from him instead of going through the rulebook yourself.

i think he look good with his "new" hairstyle!

It was quite a good game though i think it is slightly over hype as there are many other games that are just as fun as this.

In this game, you get resources like wood, bricks, sheep, ore and wheat based on the location of your settlements on a tiled map. The distribution of the resource depends on the value of 2 dice. With the resources, you trade with others and expand on your settlements, get points and win....

I like the game because of the interesting interactions with other players through trading of resources. As for strategy, i feel that it is abit light on strategy and more on luck (depend on dice throw but again you can "plan" based on the probability of rolling certain numbers).

On the whole i think it is quite a fun game. Got to try a few more sessions to see if the game grew on me. Currently i still love Puerto Rico.

Anyway really glad to learn another game so that i can now recommend to other gamers. Thanks Mark!

astroboy, i also gamer hor

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