Secret admirer?

Yeah! This is my virgin entry in the blogging world!

As you all know, kimoki (does kimchi sounds better?? heheh..) and mumu are overseas currently while astroboy has to attend a friend's wedding tonight. Thus i am left alone at Pitstop...

Luckily, astrobro came along. He took time to help out even though he has an exam the next morning... Thanks alot Weeloon!

Just when we thought it is gonna be a quiet wednesday, a group of 6 came along.
I won't mention who they are cos... one of them is a secret admirer of mumu!
Mumu must be very happy to know about it! He was very disappointed when he couldn't see her. (His friends are the ones who told us!!!)

Suddenly a question pops up. "Why don't I have any secret admirers?!!!"
I guess it must be the age gap. I am no longer 18... hai...

I have no mood to write any more...


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