Pintu Buka!!!

In case if you are wondering, the above title has no relevance to whatsoever to this entry.
Anyway, Pintu Buka means 'door open'.

Well, I must say that travelling alone in KL has been a very different experience. For once, you are really thrown into a strange land, people insisting on speaking in languages that you don't really understand. Everything must be done with careful and thoughtful resource management.

As a Quasi-tourist, money is very important for my survival in this big city. The lack of efficient public transport also caused me to take a Teksi most of the time.
And most importantly, I always have to balance between saving money and saving too much such that it mars my enjoyment.

This somewhat parallels what we are facing now in Pitstop cafe. With little financial backings, we are always thrown into crossroads of uncertainty. However grand our plans are, we always have to prioritise and compromise between what is urgent or unneccessary.

We ain't like some yaya cafe who claimed that they got all the bank loans and all the investors ready, put in the best sofa and the best coolants. We also ain't have the luxury to spend intensively on marketing and advertisements.

All we have are limited options and bottlenecks.

some people will then say, 'no money do what business'..

my stand is.......

'is it any of your friggin' business?'

I must admit that some people feel as consumers they have the rights to enjoy what they paid for. And they have the rights to choose places with good environment.And some consumers ain't interested to buy our story of 'young entrepreneurs'.

Well, I guess that truly distinguishes between true pitstoppers and folks who just wanna come and get a piece of shit. Pitstop cafe wants to foster a tight community, one that does not just end up in money transactions, but one that triggers everlasting friendship.

True blue pitstoppers do not go hopping around,

they keep the faith.

So, i guess there is some relevance to the title after all...

Pitstop Cafe, Pintu Buka for you.. Welcome!!!


Anonymous said...

Wah...You mean some yaya cafe actually yaya to you that they got bank loans and people ready to throw money into the cafe? They must either be on very close terms to you, or on very bad terms....

piss stopper said...

Just cannot believe the bad mouthing to be posted on your website.I am surprise to keep seeing the jealousy that you guys/gal have for other cafes in your rcent post.you have quite good post at the start, Think will skip your blog in future despite my frequent visit to your cafe.
In fact , what i see in other cafe is their sincerity and hardwork ....who care whether they have investor or bank loan....
whereas, I see you people.....???!!!

astroboy said...

what the comment above show? Humans have emotion. Humans have reaction. Humans have different perspective.

I don't see any jealousy in the entry. It is simply sharing the fustration due to resource limitation. The disappointment due to inability to do more. We too have been put down by others.

It is up to you to judge the intention of the entry. Is it jealousy, narrow-minded, etc make your own conclusion

"There are 10 type of people. People who understand binary and people who don't"

White Paladin said...

Just be yourselves. That works. Keep up the good work!!!

Hope you have time to drop by the outlet in KL. I think Gary would be pretty encouraged!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some personal comments. I think the difference about this blog is that it is also an official website for the business of Pitstop Cafe, so, customers are also viewing the blog. So, when you made personal comments like customers going to your cafe to get a piece of shit, it becomes offending to those that comes frequently. I seldom patronise your cafe, so, I won't try to think if I am one of the 'shit' that you are refering to...Just my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh...what a shock after being away for awhile.. wonder why my entries always gets slammed.

think waikee will screw me upside down for posting such emotional entries again.

but then again, i think he is right by saying that diff folks have diff perspectives.

I dunno why some folks always like to claim that they frequently visit our cafe and threaten to not come anymore..

it's so weird..if you are one true blue pitstopper, I guess you will understand where we are coming from rather than treating it as one helluva 'jealous' entries.

in the past, I used to be so bothered about people's comments about us. But I realise soon enough that not all folks are pleased, and more importantly,

they are just waiting for that moment for you to fall.

so, pitstopper, piss stopper, piss me off wadever...this is pitstop cafe, please read entries with....


more cognition


Anonymous said...

I suspect piss stopper must be some disgruntled fellow who is envious of you all the young towkay....otherwise y would he or she even comment that other cafes are working hard whereas you guys do not!!!!

Dun worry guys....u can't please everyone....I think u guys rock!!!


eve said...

Hi piss stopper, just like to give my 2cents worth of views...
Firstly, I m surprised that u r a frequent pitstopper... if u r, u will understand how we felt (esp timo who always have a lot of ideas n kana whack down by me)
Secondly, pitstoppers understand the sincerity and hardwork we put in to make everyone feel comfortable and happy here... if u didnt i guess u r not someone whom we know...
Thirdly, as everyone knows, timo always expresses his views strongly... i didnt get the same feelings as u did... (was there any jealousy?)

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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