Excuse me, are you a model?

The first day of ICT is always interesting. This time round, i have my younger brother to join in with me. This is his first in camp training. It is nice cause everything can share. Can share shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste, underwear, etc.. Ok forget about the underwear part....

Anyway my bro had pretty long hair and i was pretty sure he was not going to get away with it. He still yaya ask me, "Eh, i say i am a part-time model, need to have long hair. Maybe i get to keep my hair?".

"Ok you can try", i said on the cab to the camp.

Upon reaching the camp, the first thing we saw was the barber, with a long line of "aspiring models". We went through the hair check and of course our "part-time model" lan lan also have to go for the haircut. I had a great laugh!

Using only shaver, the barber performed his work which my brother had to pay a bloody $5 for it. Looking at the line of heads, i think he is having a damm good day!

Things are pretty relax on the first day but the sai gang will come soon in the next few days. My brother turns out to be my section commander while i am his 2IC. Hopefully he would not take the chance to tekkan me.

The only thing i hope is that somehow i can miraculously get in shape overnight and clear my IPPT tomorrow, hopefully with a 200 bucks bonus....

astroboy, those damm jet boots better be working...

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