I also gamer hor!

Oh yah I missed out something! hehe...so i decided to post another entry!

A group of 4 came to Pitstop. One of them has been here before and brought along her boyfriend and friends. They chose the seats nearest to the games shelves so that they can look at the games available. They were looking so intently at the games that I decided to recommend them a few which i feel are suitable for 4 players. But guess what? They have played most of the games before! And that's why they were searching for so long! So i decided to recommend them something more advanced. But before i could recommend the game i have in mind, they deicded to play Imaginiff which they had not played before.

After completing the game, they were again searching for something interesting to play. So i decided to recommend them... Puerto Rico! I feel that this game is more for advanced gamers... like me... and so i was very happy when they agreed to play. I started setting up and teaching the game excitedly.

Weeloon was very puzzled when he saw me teaching such an advanced game to them.
So he came over and asked, "Eh u sure they know how to play? Why u teach such a complicated game? You know how to teach or not?"

I answered "They are gamers hor.."

I guided them through the rules of the game and left them pretty much to themselves. However at the end of the game, adrian commented something like this "i still dun really understand the game"... heheh.. that's why u don't play Puerto Rice only once!

I hope Mich and friends have enjoyed Puerto Rico. Personally i like the game. It requires more strategy and less luck is involved. In fact, you are the first group that i teach Puerto Rico to! Feel privileged? Do leave a comment if u see this entry okie?!

Pitstop Cafe, we are gamers too

Eve, I also gamer hor!


Anonymous said...

are the rest of the partners gamers too?? heard kimoki is a player (playboy). Is that true?

eve said...

no... kimoki is not a player...
he's a playboy...heheh

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