1 more week!!!

Finally at the last week, I managed to get my laptop connected to the internet and plugged myself into the globalised world.

I must say that I really missed Pitstop cafe.. so much that when I went to a boardgame cafe in KL, I said 'can i help you?' to a group who needed help with Carcassone.

Well, as promised.. this are some of the pics I took and letme share with you the sights of KL..

Of course, there is this gigantic tower called Petronas towers... it was the tallest building in the world.. some say it looks like two corns, while some say that M build it to only to remind himself of his dimunitive manhood...

Petronas also happened to be their national petroleum company

Travelling to the highlands was a totally different experience. Being a City Denizen, I was freaked by the idea of staying in a small town for the rest of your life. Definately, the view was impressive and the weather was cooling.. Even the local girls have a perpetual rosy blush on their cheeks..so cute..

As usual, I talked to a cute waitress and she told me that she did not like the city cuz it was too chaotic and noisy. She even claimed that Singapore's food is expensive and tasteless... I should have brought her to Pitstop Cafe..

This is the famous BOH tea plantation

Ahhh... since this is a very good opportunity for me to rest and relax, I pushed my clubbing to the max.. 4 days in a row!!!
Clubbing culture is very different here, thhe girls are definately not as fashionable as Singaporean chicks. Their club plays the same music every time I go. Folks there do not order jugs, they order bottles ..Most interestingly, the guys like to line up in a row and start doin the hip hop thingy with their legs... totally hilarious and yes, I miss Phuture, Zouk.

This is one of the posh clubs called The Loft, slightly older crowd, fashion a bit closer to Singapore

When it comes to food, Malaysia is pretty similiar to Singapore. Just that with the not so hygenic, not so neat and not so expensive look, the food seems to be much more authentic and tasty.. One very interesting stuff they have here is this van called 'Lok Lok', where it opens up to shelves of food. You just take your pick and dip it into the boiling water and eat on the spot.. One of the popular after clubbing meals..

NEA will freak when they see this.. 'where is your licence! where is your licence!!!!'

Well, I guess travelling alone has its perks... The excitement of being in a totally unfamiliar land, the satisfaction of being able to maneuvear from one place after another using public transport and the smirk of finding the off the beaten track places. And it seems to me that what makes Malaysia exciting is that things are done in such Haphazard manner.

Not that I don't like rules and regulations, but sometimes in such an orderly society such as Singapore, there should be a time where we should let ourself loose and play games, scream and shout animal noises, sit on the floor, relax one corner doodle and vandalise on the wall.

Most importantly,

Find a place we can just be ourselves

Why bother so much? take it easy!!

I guess this is why Pitstop cafe tries to tell folks...

it's ok, why should there be a boss-customer relationship? why should the tables be at a fix spot? why should you not make friends with folks at the other table? Just take it easy.. come here and let it out

Pitstop Cafe, it's ok.


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