Yeah its Friday & TGMS

It has really been a challenging time trying to juggle the time to run the cafe.Kimoki and mumu out of town and when they are back, i be off to ICT before jetting off to Washington. Luckily we always have nice folks like astroaunt, astrobro, astrosis as well as kimobro to help us out.

Speaking of resource management, i think astromum is great. Our kitchen though small, it is well equipped with oven, griller, fryer, stove, etc to whip up a variety of dishes.

Though well equipped, when there are many orders coming in, it become a challenge trying to meet all the requirements. Astromum employ a variety of strategies. Orders are serve in priority depending on who order first, some orders are faster to prepare while others maybe more efficient to prepare in a batch, etc

Whether you love astromum or not, she always trys her best to prepare the nicest food for all the Pitstoppers that come to Pitstop Cafe. It doesn't mean that if you don't love her, then your order will be place at the last of the queue and you have to wait till everyone has their food and finish it before you get yours.

Astromum knows that this isn't rocket science, its common sense. All who come to Pitstop Cafe are Pitstoppers and its only right that we try to provide everyone the best service possible within our means. It doesn't matter whether you come from Tanjong Pagar or from Potong Pasir, we will do the best we can to make sure you have more good times at Pitstop Cafe.

By the way if you guys are dropping by today, it will be great cos TGMS (Today Got Mum's Special). Astromum is going to cook a fantastic pot of curry stingray! So if you are in the mood of something hot and spicy, give it a shot! Limited edition only.

Yes, we have new flavors of icecream too, so check them out too! The "Fruit of the Forest" and "Mango Passion Fruit" is too cool to give a miss...

astroboy, mum say not to eat too much peanuts cos she suspects that it may result in deficit of common senses...

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Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.

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