Pitstop Celebrities

Noticed that most cafes like to put Pictures of Celebrities on their walls as a kinda 'quality assurance' that it has has been 'tried and tested'.

here at Pitstop Cafe, every folk is a celebrity, every folk looks happy on the pic, every folk has been and done that..Well, of course there are also some folks who are INDEED celebrities and they seemed to receive more attention then other folks.. In terms of looks, boops whatever..

I remembered chatting with him and his friend one whole afternoon about politics and fashion industry, they were the first to order machiatto

Today, I chanced upon a magazine and realised that one of our customers is being featured as one of Singapore's 'prominent fashion designers'.. So, I immediately tell MuMu, 'hey! why dun we just cut out the article and put their face beside it?'

so I have this idea, why not if you folks are featured anywhere.. be it winning a pageant, or winning toto or maybe even wanted by the police.. do let us know, so we can attach that article to your picture in Pitstop cafe, promote you, as well as tell the other folks that Pitstop cafe is a place where happening people can be found!!!

one of those that i met in some pageant. He is one helluva metrosexual, but really a nice guy though. Mr personality indeed

yer know, you don't have to be Fiona Xie or James Gomez to tell the world that you enjoyed Pitstop cafe. All we want is for fellow Pitstoppers know more about other fellow Pitstoppers, their achievements, their looks, their boo.. (no, I didn't say that).. So we can all feel proud of this place.

So come on! keep those features comin'... we love to know that this place is a place for stars to pitstop as well!

Pitstop Cafe, the ideas never end



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Anonymous said...

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