Mutastic..Fantastic!!!! ( part one)

Mumu has a good news for all!!!! Through 3 appeals, MOE has acceded to my request to pursue my honours!!! This is such an elated news for me!!!! I will like to thank many ppl who have helped me...

1) Ms Mary Carmen WOng and Selina Toh who have helped me to persuade the management
2) Ms Orihara Minami who wrote the letter of recommendation for me
3) Mr Wiki Chia and Ms Evelyn Hu who have guided me to write the appeal letter
4) My parents who have tolerated my tantrums during these trial
5) TImothy and the other prayer warriors who prayed for me!!!!

Through this episode, I have discovered several revelations...it highlighted that people can be nice, changed my cynicism towards humans...like Wiki( despite his hard day work, squeezed his brain juice to guide me) I was really touched! ( this changed my perception of him..how brotherly he can be, besides the fact that he is my business partner.)

Secondly, it really taught me what it really mean to have a sense of urgency and be merticulous. Timothy always chides at me for not having a sense of urgency, for not taking initiative, etc....One great mistake I discovered through my failed appeals...was that I was too yaya!!!! It kinda of enlightened me!!!Let us hope that this episode will shape me to be a better person and allow me to contribute more to the cafe......( or will mushroom never change its spots? ) stay tune...

Thirdly, it is always good to keep friendly contact with the higher authorities, be it professors, tutors or officials...DO not be afraid of them...THrough this episode, I have learnt the need to be confident and draw contacts with them!!!

Oh well, GOD really has his plans for me? THrough this episode, I really saw the flaws of my characters....My flaws almost ruin my future...

I need to go to the cafe liao....Keep a look-out for my second posting guys..



White Paladin said...

Very happy for you!!! I think it may be a way to learn not to take things for granted, and that you now have the added repsonsibility on balancing studies and work. Not easy, but once you can do it, nothing can stop you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed looking at your site, I found it very helpful indeed, keep up the good work.

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