Da Chang Jin

How many of you folks have been catching the korean serial "Da Chang Jing"? For one, i know that astromum has been catching the vcd long before it was out on the TV. With the recent telecast, she has been catching it all over again. I heard it was good, but never really have the time to watch it to the level of addiction.

Anyway it was interesting that even kids was aware of it...

Isn't she adorable, and yes she watches Da Chang Jin

The little girl was really adorable and the group drop by on a Sunday afternoon. She was like peeking through the games on the shelves and when you look at her, she gives a smile and run off back to her mummy. Sweet!

While playing a game of UNO, she lost and broke out crying! Luckily at Pitstop Cafe there are nice yummy ice cream from New Zealand Natural. A nice scoop of the "Fruit of the Forrest" hopefully have manage to cheer her up and make a day nicer for the above sweet pic!

Anyway come across this funny clip that did a spoof on the theme song of the serial...

By Breadbed - http://flash.cyol.com/product/05121802324416.swf

Hope this brighten and cheer up your day too!

Pitstop Cafe, bringing you smiles and laughter...


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